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Waste Intelligence Control Panel

SharpSoft® Medical Waste Software for Intelligent Console Management

The Waste Intelligent Control Panel by SharpSoft® will identify the waste streams incoming while on the vehicle prior to arrival of the treatment and or transfer station facility. From the time that this industry was conceived approximately 40 years ago there has never been any automated procedures placed by any company to automate the staging of medical waste. Reason for this is attributable to medical waste at time of conception was a Single Waste stream. The single waste stream has since been identified and broken down into four (4) unique waste streams.

Waste Intelligence Control Panel

Hazardous Waste Identification

The category itself is biohazardous thus making the whole of the industry possibly subjected to be reclassified a hazardous waste stream. Falling under hazardous waste identification.

Intelligent Waste Streams

The four-waste streams are:

1. Regulated Medical Waste (a.k.a. biomedical waste): UN3291

Separate Sub Waste Stream "Sharps".

2. Chemo (or Trace Chemo) is the Sub Waste Stream.

Requires Geiger counter to ensure no radioactivity. This to be attached to scanner assembly.

3. Pathological/Laboratory Slides, Limbs and Tissues.

Destruction and disposal differ depending upon subtype of the stream.

4. RX or Pharmaceutical Waste

  1. RX or Pharmaceutical Waste
    This actually breaks down into four sub streams:
    1. Nonhazardous
    2. Hazardous
    3. Credit Returns (Turn to Pharmacy)
    4. Recall - Destruction

After reviewing the four types of regulated medical waste streams, it is apparent that under each waste stream there are sub-categories of this waste most important to us is a segregation of regulated medical waste which carries the sub waste stream of Sharps waste which is now become addressed as a recyclable. This one is where we take all the sharps and process it at the same time to reclaim the polypropylene.

SharpSoft® Touch Technology

The treatment plant is connected to the SharpSoft® waste management system. Based in real-time, this allows you to intelligently transport and service your generators with automated routing. Integrated software provides auto-compliance documentation shipped directly to the generator while the system invoices and charges their credit card on file before the driver leaves the office.

Upon arrival at facility, the SharpSoft® Touch Intelligent Tracking System scans each package for metal parts that could potentially jam the shredder. Built in scales digitally send weight verification of each container. Built-in Geiger counter checkis for radiation allowing for immediate intervention prior to any cross-contamination or co-mingling of waste streams, while avoiding equipment wear and tear.

After scanning the QR codes affixed to the waste, the containers are automatically moved to their correct staging area via conveyors allowing for efficient, segregated, proper and cost-effective destruction of all waste streams.

We have identified present day waste streams that are falling into the recyclable categories. These are also able to be identified through the SharpSoft® Touch Waste Intelligence System. the only real time intelligent medical waste treatment plant & only available from United Autoclaves.

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